Leadership Development

How MD2MD can help develop your team

Your number one challenge?

To develop your team so you can raise your own game and focus on strategy and direction; on making the right decisions, on taking the right actions at the right time, and on getting your whole team fully motivated and engaged.

MD2MD is a Leadership Development Programme for your team too

We are very protective of the private peer challenge board and member ‘retreat to advance’ elements of our meetings as these need to be a safe space.  They are therefore exclusive to and confidential to you, the business leader.

We encourage you to bring two of your senior team to all the non-confidential speaker sessions and mini conferences. Not only does this help develop you, it also enhances your ability to implement effectively as three heads, and three pairs of hands are better than one. And in the medium term it raises the game of your team too – which allows you to raise yours even further.

And a cartoon to reinforce the message

This cartoon illustrates the trap many great entrepreneurial business leaders fall into as their business grows beyond start-up and into adolescence. The very ambition, drive and focus on delivery that enabled them to be successful in the first place causes them to become so busy bogged down in the detail that they don’t have time to look up and consequently can’t or don’t see the wood for the trees. Their wheels spin and their business growth hits a plateau.

Lead smarter, don’t just work harder.

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