Three PERSONAL reasons for engaging in Social Media

People who have talked to me on the subject will know that I am a cautious supporter of the use of Social Media Marketing in business. I DO believe that it is an important component of the marketing mix, but like all marketing, it has to be done properly with an allocated time investment for a purpose and the return on investment measured – perhaps apart from a little test and see activity.

I do though know that some have drifted into not doing it that way – they simply play with in their ‘spare’ time. Which I guess is fine as a hobby, isn’t the way I think it should be in business. So I wasn’t surprised when I read in an article by friend Graham Jones quoting research from Wildfire that one in ten businesses only do social media ‘because their competitors are and they feel they have to’.

What I really like about Graham’s article was through his own suggestion that there are three very good reasons for us as individuals participating in Social Media. Whilst I’m not sure they justify business investment, they seem to make sense as reasons for individual investment.

More about Graham

Here as usual are my extract for you of the key points:

1. Social media boosts your health

Research over several years has found that no matter what the condition, those people with a good social network and loads of friends tend to get better more quickly, are less likely to have less serious illness and also avoid depression.

2. Social media stops brain disease

For some time it has been known that having an active brain helps stave off conditions such as Alzheimer’s. New research suggests that when we stop thinking it actually causes energy changes within our brain that are associated with the development of neurological disease.

3. Social media will make the world better

As more and more people engage with social networks it appears they are connecting much more in the democratic process. Politicians and companies that do not serve their publics will get “outed” on social media.

If the only answer you can come up with for using social media is “because we have to” perhaps these three reasons will provide more validity for you.

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD.