Welcome to our new members!

This is the MD2MD new members page. As MD2MD continue to expand our diverse range of fantastic members, we would like to say a warm welcome to all of our new members who have joined us over the past month. We look forward to seeing you at your next group meeting or one of our events!

Vierka Hiscock - Care Horizons

Care Horizons, based in South Gloucestershire is a key provider of both day care & 24/7 care for a range of individuals. Vierka is ‘people person’ – a team player with leadership ability. Capable of producing consistent results with excellent client facing skills, a ‘People Person’. She is also fluent in several languages.

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Marius Pana - Spearhead Systems

Spearhead Systems, based in Bucharest, Romania provides innovative technologies for the management and protection of networks, systems and users. Marius is focused on delivering services that solve some of the most demanding requirements in IT infrastructure and Application monitoring. He is always delighted to meet new professional acquaintances.

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Niël Malan - Tangent Solutions Ltd

Tangent Solutions Ltd, based in the Johannesburg area, South Africa strategically redefines and implements business solutions utilising technologiesmethodologiespractices, and processes to structure a digital organisation. Niël has a wide range of experience and is always looking for new or untapped markets and opportunities.

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Filippo Ciadamidaro - StoneBathwear

StoneBathwear, based in Esterwood, Italy is a top tier European manufacturer of prefabricated bathroom pods. Filippo is a Senior Manager with strong influence and shared leadership skills. He is a self-motivated and virtuous team worker, able to drive decision making processes including the right stakeholders at the correct time.

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