Why do businesses get stuck and stop growing? The challenge of scale up

Start-up - "From conception to the toddler's first steps"

Things start to get interesting when you grow… With four people, you have six communication channels. With five people, you have ten communication channels. That’s normally just about manageable. And then it starts to get really interesting…

The communication  challenge tends to grow very quickly too.

Early growth as a small business – “From toddler to adolescent”

By the time you get to twenty people, if there is no structure, things can get challenging. A single boss structure means 15 mins to communicate with each person each day.¬† With customers and prospects, suppliers and regulators, and accountants and lawyers to speak to too, a single boss structure simply isn’t going to work. Although many try – heroically!

In reality what happens is that your team try to help by speaking directly to each other. A good idea… except, continuing the calculations above, without a structure, there are 190 communication channels between those 20 people.¬† So if everybody spends ten minutes a week communicating with each colleague, there is no time left to do any work!

Scaling up as a medium business – “From adolescent to adult”

To scale your business, you need structures, systems, and processes. Most importantly, you need to build a team with a coherent and consistent vision. And you need to lead them effectively.

Great leadership and management is instinct and skill enhanced by experience. But how do you get that experience when most leaders reach the top by being good at doing something other than business leadership?

MD2MD can help you scale your business

To scale more quickly you need to learn more quickly.  You could go to a business school, or you could use a business coach. MD2MD believes in learning from real experience Рby sharing it Рreciprocally.

Business leaders like you find MD2MD valuable as a way to raise their game faster by learning from the experiences of others.

Our meetings give business leaders like you the chance to discuss challenges, assess opportunities, and share experiences with others like you.

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