Building trust through video messaging

MD2MD were recently joined by former BBC Broadcaster, John Young, for a workshop on building trust through video messaging. Trust is built by looking people in the eye, them hearing your voice and seeing you smile – what better way to incorporate all these things than to use video messaging! With the use of mobile phones, it has never been easier or more affordable to record video messages. John emphasises that video messaging is more powerful than any words you can write on your website, or information you can put into a newsletter. Read the insight below to learn all about John’s three top tips from the session.


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Decide who your audience is going to be. Is it going to be for your staff – internal use. Or are you going to send a one-off video message to a client who you haven’t heard from in a while?

Be sure to make the use of your staff – there is bound to be someone on your team who will happily help you put a video message together!

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DO jot down some notes – DON’T write a script

DO think about how it looks and sounds – DON’T stand in front of your window or record in front of a messy background

DO remember that it’s a natural conversation, hesitation is fine! – DON’T attempt the recording more than two or three times

DO aim for a duration

DO think about the beginning and the end in particular

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Phones are so good nowadays, you can easily record a message on a phone. Microphones can be cheaply purchased and really add to the quality and professionalism of your message. Tripods are easy to get hold of – John recommends a portable one or one that can attach to a chair or similar. A light can help you look more professional and to really ramp it up to the next level, a green screen can add the wow factor into your video messages!

Watch John’s speaker workshop summary video for yourself

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