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Building solid, honest, trusting relationships within our leadership team is critical to our success. It not only lays the foundation for robust problem-solving and decision-making but also demonstrates to the rest of the organisation that their leaders are striving to live the organisational values on a consistent, daily basis.

We all have different styles, expectations and frustrations and it is only the self-aware leader, who also has the courage to acknowledge the pros and cons of his/her own style, who will be able to build a team of complementary styles around him/her. So, what’s your preferred style? How does it impact on your colleagues? How well do you accommodate different styles? As a team, do you operate in such a way that everyone is able to give of their best?

In this engaging, thought-provoking and interactive workshop, you will:

  • Be introduced to the Insights Discovery colour model of behaviour and have a mirror held up to your face
  • Witness the huge differences that exist between different behavioural styles and the frustrations that these can cause
  • Recognise how your ‘opposite type’ is also the person you ‘need the most’
  • Understand how each different style adds value to the whole
  • Receive your own, complimentary 21-page Discovery profile (RRP £99)

And most importantly, you will take away the knowledge and tools to start having beneficial conversations with your colleagues about how you can step up to the next level.

When and Where?

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Comments from Members who attended this workshop:

  • Giles re-enforced the importance of understanding individual strengths and the strengths and contributions of team members.
  • To understand – who in our team I need to appreciate their attitude and ways of working.
  • Brought the concepts to life very well with lots of energy. These concepts are critical for business leaders and their teams – he really made them easy to understand.
  • Helped me recognise some of my more sub-conscious personality traits.



Passionate about improving leadership and team-working in the workplace

Giles is Founder of The Colour Works which he started back in 2003, after 4 years as MD of an £8m plastic injection moulding company and previous management roles in both public and charity sectors. In 2017, he is now in the process of establishing The Colour Works Foundation, a charitable enterprise created to take the transformational learning programmes developed at The Colour Works to the sections of society perhaps most in need but least likely to access them.

He is an experienced facilitator, qualified executive coach and passionate about improving leadership and team-working in the workplace, and self-belief in the socially-excluded. He is also an accomplished speaker and was voted Speaker of the Year 2013 by the esteemed Academy for Chief Executives, as well as Best Newcomer 2015 by Vistage.

His experience of leadership, during which he became fascinated by the necessary underpinning of the “hard” aspects of organisational performance (productivity, profitablility) by the “soft” (morale, motivation, team-work, relationships, self-confidence), was instrumental in encouraging him to set up The Colour Works. His keen sense of social justice and dismay at the ever-growing divide between the “haves” and “have nots” have informed his latest charitable venture.

Giles’ fresh and informal style is certainly engaging, and whether working with senior executives of multinationals or ex-offenders, his messages come across loud and clear – developing your emotional intelligence is critical to getting the most from your relationships and to making better decisions.

When not working, Giles can usually be found walking his dogs along the beautiful Dorset coast, practising his tenor sax, reading for his Book Club or out on either his beloved bike or sea kayak. He is a big family man and his idea of heaven would be a cold beer, a fresh Valencian mountain paella, in the summer on the beach, with his wife, children, grandchildren and friends … and a Frisbee.

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