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MD2MD provide peer networks for business leaders in-person and online worldwide. As an experienced business leader, you have a lot of responsibility and are expected to manage your team to the best of your ability. You want to be the best, most successful leader that you can be, but sometimes it can be lonely at the top…

… but it doesn’t need to be.  There are many others like you, business leaders with the challenge of growing a business.

MD2MD enables and encourages you to develop your thinking  through regular confidential discussions with real business leaders like you MD to MD (Managing Director to Managing Director).

High quality professional speaker-led workshops inject external best practice thinking to complement those peer group conversations.

For example on Wednesday, 20th January, Julie Holmes is speaking to us on “Farming customers for growth, profit and value”.  Having spent nearly 20 years in delivery and leadership of sales, marketing and product strategy, Julie Holmes helped to grow a host of international, multi-million-dollar enterprise tech companies. From start-ups to behemoths, she knows what works to identify, get, keep and grow the customers that will make a business successful.

Her workshop will take members through the customer growth cycle including tracking health, spotting harvest opportunities, recognizing the locusts and weeds and how to get everyone in the company to tend the fields.

Julie is one of many excellent speakers that are involved with MD2MD – why not get involved yourself!?