First Impressions Count

Tony Morris Speaking to Managing Directors

Tony Morris

One of the most important steps for a prospective customer with an organisation is the first impression and this is where most organisations let themselves down. This interactive session will demonstrate, by use of carrying out mystery calls with the members of a group, and their competition, where there are gaps at the first step of the prospects journey.

Once gaps are identified from the mystery calls, Tony will provide practical lessons on how to fill the gaps.  He has created a call point system that Managing Directors can implement immediately into their organisation to help them, and their Directors and Management, lead every member of their staff more effectively. It is a toolkit that will ensure the first impression is always an exceptional one, therefore making the start of the prospects journey a great one.

The Ritz Approach

Within the talk, Tony will provide great examples of what world class service actually looks like and how it costs nothing to consistently deliver it. The examples will be diverse, from a game of golf, to a kitchen retailer, to a hotel in the US to a first meeting with a potential affiliate. The audience will be scribbling down practical ideas that will help and inspire them to up their game every time they interact with a guest. It will revamp the organisational culture and future proof your business.

When and Where?

    • Thursday 1st November 2018 – Upper Thames Valley – Swindon
    • Monday 26th June 2017 – South Central Hub – Cowley, Oxford

Comments from members on this workshop:

      • The mystery calls to our own businesses were great. Tony’s advice and examples were all very useful and practical.
      • His energy and positivity.
      • A great subject, very engaging, lots of real life scenarios and got me thinking and writing lots of ideas.
      • Good service – world class, check points – recommendations!!!
      • Tony shared lots of actionable nuggets.
      • The great tip – to ensure our sales staff obtain recommendations from satisfied customers.
      • Everything had an easy to implement and practical use.