Expert practitioner workshops

Practical learning with world class speakers

Although MD2MD is built on the premise that most Managing Directors value the views of other Managing Directors above all others, we also recognise the value of new insights provided by specialist expert practitioner speakers with deep expertise in a topic and the ability to communicate that expertise effectively. Consequently at most meetings we employ a top professional to provoke our members to think a bit differently and to motivate them to act or behave a bit differently.

The brief we give speakers is that their workshop must be:

  • ENJOYABLE – so members want to listen
  • INTERESTING – so that members are provoked to think; and most importantly
  • USEFUL – so that members can apply their insights to improve their business

We also remind them that most Managing Directors don’t want training – even if they need it.  They simply want a fast paced insight into useful ideas, approaches, tools and techniques that they have not encountered before. Managing Directors can then choose to train themselves, or more likely, in more detail if they judge that appropriate.

The speakers, or more accurately workshop facilitators, we use cover a broad range of topics of relevance to the Managing Director. They key question we ask when booking, and when assessing them, is ‘Will this person, and their material, be valuable in helping a Managing Director to improve their business?’.  And we try to include a broad mix across the year.