The Makeup of MD2MD Member Groups

We deliberately build cross-sector groups. The value of MD2MD is your ability to meet in confidential session with business leaders from a variety of backgrounds. Our members have a wealth of sector knowledge, operate within diverse ownership structures, and have varying types of education. This mix of values, goals, and perceptions provides a rich experience.

MD2MD Members

MD2MD offers a safe space for discussion in private, away from major customers, suppliers, partners, and investors. Furthermore, the diversity of MD2MD groups helps to identify gaps in vision, unwitting assumptions, and alternative opportunities.

MD2MD is for leaders who face the challenge of sustaining and growing a dynamic business with tens or hundreds of staff*. At this scale, your focus will be on making wise decisions and being the best leader you can be. You will be building a united team, driving boldly towards a shared goal. MD2MD is perfect for leaders in this position, at this stage of growth.

Useful quotes

“Many people think a day a month is too much to invest. My experience is that it makes more time. You come back refreshed, re-invigorated and more focused. I have most of my best ideas at MD2MD meetings. That’s why I am still a member after ten years.”
MD, consumer web retail – 20 staff, £4m revenue with £300k profit

“MD2MD has helped me to be more strategic, and that has delivered improved profit.”
MD, UK manufacturer – 70 staff, £8m revenue with £400k profit

“MD2MD never fails to give me new and valuable ideas – this allows me to really differentiate myself and increase my effectiveness as Managing Director.”
MD, business services – 30 staff, £2m revenue with £100k profit

“MD2MD gives me the opportunity to travel across industries. It is an excellent environment for business leaders to listen, learn and share experiences. The speakers too are a great investment of my time.”
MD, professional advisor – 70 staff, £10m revenue with £2m profit

“We have met our growth targets in sales and profits over the last five years and being a member of MD2MD was a key contributor to that success”
MD, consumer web retail – 20 staff, £4m revenue with £300k profit

“Joining MD2MD was one of my best business decisions ever. I can categorically say that I have won one contract as a direct result of a single MD2MD meeting. That contract alone generated in excess of £165,000 profit for my business.”
MD, IT reseller – 30 staff, £3m revenue with £300k profit

Members from various industries

We welcome members from a vast range of industries. From the UK subsidiary of a Japanese manufacturer, to a regional professional practice with twelve partners, MD2MD groups are rich and diverse. We have been joined by leaders of new tech ventures, construction manufacturers, packaging distributors, international consultancies, and many other types of organisation.

Forthcoming speaker workshops