Zen Leadership: A Japanese Roadmap to Wellbeing and Success

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 10th January 2024 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am
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As we face the complexities of 2024, the art of maintaining resilience and vibrancy in leadership is more crucial than ever.  Through Celynn Morin’s recent expedition in Japan, she uncovered timeless principles of wellbeing that can transform the way we lead. Join Celynn, well-known as the workplace wellbeing whisperer, as she shares personal anecdotes with practical strategies gleaned in the company of poet and phyllosopher, David Whyte.

This session promises to be a tapestry of evocative narratives, challenging inquiries, and practical rituals to elevate your work and life. Join us and unlock five transformative lessons from Japan designed to super charge your wellbeing and leadership performance in the year ahead.


1. Mindful Mastery: Master the Japanese art of ‘mindful observation’ to sharpen your focus and enhance decision-making in your leadership journey.

2. Ikigai, Kintsugi, and Shinrin-Yoku – Leadership Transformed: Unravel the meaning behind ‘ikigai’ (purpose), ‘kintsugi’ (beauty in imperfection), and ‘shinrin-yoku’ (forest bathing), and their power to fundamentally enrich your leadership and work ethic.

3. Work life balance with ‘Wa’:  Embrace the Japanese concept of ‘Wa’ to strike a graceful balance between the demands of your role and the tranquility of your personal wellbeing.

4. Daily Longevity Exercise: Adopt the 5-minute daily regimen practiced by Japan’s centenarians to sustain health and longevity in the realm of leadership.

5. Living by Design:  Translate an age-old philosophy into modern-day practice: commit to living intentionally rather than by default, beginning with a personal vow to implement one immediate, impactful action.

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