Your message in 60 seconds (Workshop)

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 5th October 2022 | Time icon 9:30am-11:00am
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With communications-boosting speaker, Michael Dodd.

This fun learning-by-doing session tackles the business communications challenge of our age – getting across your point when you and your audiences face more and more pressures on your time.

It equips you to better convey your key point at each mini-presentation opportunity powerfully, succinctly and effectively – in the time it takes to make a piece of toast.

The session enables you to convey ideas and plans more effectively – and in a way that sticks with your audience members long after they’ve heard it.

Why attend?

You can work on enhancing your 60-second elevator pitch – or any message that you need to convey to a specific audience, now and in the future.

The session is also helps you to enhance your longer presentations.


An opportunity to practice:

  • Choosing the right content for each audience in every situation
  • Structuring your mini-presentation in a way that grabs and holds attention and maximises the prospects of your message being remembered
  • Illustrating your message with the right real-life story, facts and/or figures to underpin your credibility
  • Delivering your talk with greater confidence, impact and pizzazz

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This event is led by

Michael Dodd

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