Your Brain – Sustainable Plastic! How far can you stretch it? – Important insights & understanding of how your brain serves you and your team

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 20th September 2023 | Time icon 9:30am-11:00am
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You have probably used tools such as psychometric and aptitude tests to evaluate your employees . However, how do you really know your team have reasonable logic when talking to customers? Do your sales team retain personable information to help close deals? Are your administrators able to multi-task? Are the first points of contact for your clients processing information quickly and accurately?

Sonal Kapoor of Brain Abilitiez specialises in identifying and improving core cognitive skills, think of this as a brain upgrade without surgery.

In this workshop, we visit the root causes of strengths and weaknesses. Review how the brain processes information, identify weaknesses, and enhance /  help navigate how individuals can achieve better ROI not only at work, but also in life.

Why attend?

  • This workshop will give you important insights and understanding of how your brain serves you and your teams
  • Individuals often wonder why they are unable to do certain tasks/ or achieve in one specific area, when other things seem easy and achievable. This workshop will guide you on the why behind the struggle
  • Learn how to identify, support and celebrate neurodiversity
  • Measures for supporting employees who suffered a Stroke/ Brain Injury
  • Tips on self help for a healthier brain: turning weaknesses into strengths
  • Q and A


  • A better understanding of how the brain is the root of the performance for your business and your life
  • What to look for in order to put provisions in place for people with neurodiverse conditions
  • Inspiration – confirmation that you and your team(s) are limitless
  • All attendees will have discounted access to a resource to check cognitive skills before you hire, or as part of the team development process, plus, preferential MD2MD rates for training programmes, and the Brain Work Out

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This event is led by multiple speakers