Why so many teams were already under-performing

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 17th March 2021 | Time icon 8:30am-10:00am

(long before ‘remote’ became a part of the excuse.)

Beside every high-performance team stands a leader who takes deliberate action towards moulding the team into a result-focused unit. Someone who consciously builds team trust. Who makes workplace culture a priority. Who creates the environment within which people can perform at their peak. In this session, Stef will walk through each of these steps, leaving participants with tips, insights and action-steps to boost team performance. Even on remote teams. Especially on remote teams.


  • Discover why so many teams fail, and what you can do to avoid it
  • Explore how to lead in a way that enables increased workplace performance
  • Find out how to build the type of trust that drives commitment to cause
  • Learn more about creating a winning workplace culture
  • Create a safe environment where everyone can “say it as it is”
  • Make decisions that everyone on the team will “own”
  • Ramp up team-based results

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This event is led by

Stef du Plessis

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