Why “SMART” goals DON’T work! (Blended Members only)

location iconTowcester | location icon Tue. 3rd October 2023 | Time icon 8.30am until 1.00pm
location icon Private Speaker and Peer Challenge Board Meeting

This session will give delegates an insight as to how top achievers think, behave, and remain so motivated and effective. A fun, challenging and inter-active session.

What will be covered?

The session will explore;

  • Just why “smart” goals set us up for mediocrity… AT BEST!
  • How a team based “MASSIVE” goal can create a HUGE return?
  • The two things that top achievers seek, that most of us avoid?
  • How to get … and remain motivated to be more effective.
  • Taking ownership of our commitments – Why assumptions hold us back.
  • Why we should “look into” successful people and get a mentor.
  • Develop a more positive outlook – How just 5-10 mins a day can transform our teams.
  • If you had the power to change your outlook … would you?
  • Behavioural Impact – COWS  VS  RHINOS !!!!



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This event is led by

David Hyner

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