Where Great Business Stories Start

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 28th October 2020 | Time icon 8:30am-10:00am
location icon Speaker led workshop online

The Berkeley Storytelling Academy teaches the secrets of business storytelling to sales and marketing professionals. Using proven techniques taken from Hollywood film-makers, authors and the greatest orators of our time, the foundation storytelling course will completely change the way you communicate with prospects, stakeholders, the media, even friends and family.

Why attend?

• Win hearts and minds. Make an emotional impact on your audience.
• Be more memorable and inspiring than your competitors.
• Move people to act – from closing a sale to opening a door Our cpd-accredited course helps you to become a more charismatic communicator at the podium, in a meeting or while giving a presentation.

What will be covered?

• Learn the business case for storytelling
• What makes a story, a story
• How business leaders like Steve Jobs have used drama to bring their message to life
• The secrets of story construction
• Common mistakes and how to avoid them
• A framework to shape your own stories that you can apply to any part of your business
• How to tell a memorable story about you or your business

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This event is led by

Chris Hewitt

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