Use neuroscience to lead with impact and excellence in 2024 and beyond

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 6th March 2024 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am
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Leading through this ever-evolving time of global uncertainty, presents exciting opportunities as well as significant challenge. Now, more than ever, leaders will need to navigate change, innovate and inspire their teams to not only overcome today’s uncertainties but propel their organisations into the future.


Understanding HOW the brain works and the latest research behind the neuroscience of leadership will empower leaders to:

– Be more resilient (and help their teams do the same);
– Generate quality innovative thought;
– Communicate effectively and powerfully;
– Motivate and inspire teams; and
– Build a high-performance workforce through building diverse and inclusive teams all working towards a common purpose.

Why attend?

Dr Alice breaks down the neuroscience in a way that is not only fascinating but will leave you equipped to apply practical and evidence-based techniques to the way you lead. Alice will inspire you to use neuroscience to lead with impact this year and beyond.


Leaving the workshop, you will:

Understand key neuroscience concepts and be able to practically apply them to lead self, team and organisation with impact.

You will learn neuroscience tools and techniques to:
• Generate innovative thinking;
• Improve resilience;
• Motivate your team to work towards a common purpose;
• Create greater team cohesion;
• Enhance problem solving;
• Communicate effectively and;
• Build high performing and diverse teams.

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This event is led by

Alice Penn MD

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