Understanding your team’s personality styles is key to staff retention

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 2nd March 2022 | Time icon 09:30am-11:00am

This workshop will help you understand what your dominant personality style is, the “tell-tale” signs on how to read others and the effect that different styles have on each other

. We will be looking at the motivators and drivers for different styles, and the impacts of overusing strengths, as well as how they can be perceived by people of polar opposite styles.

It can be the small differences that make a huge impact. By simply adapting your style, you will learn how to improve communication, reduce conflict, increase productivity and reduce staff turnover.

The competition for talent is high and often it isn’t just about the money, but the working environment has an impact too. Start by understanding the individual’s needs.


  • Understand your dominant style
  • Understand how to read other styles
  • Learn how to make small adaptations to get the best out of others

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This event is led by

Vicky O'Farrell

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