Unashamedly superhuman: staying resilient by design!

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 22nd September 2021 | Time icon 8:00am-1:00pm

This event will be held at the private meeting of South East Midlands in-person peer group.

Unashamedly Superhuman is a neuroscience-based peak performance training for anyone interested in reversing the impact of distraction and uncertainty – something many business leaders like you face on a daily basis

Within us all is a huge pool of untapped potential. We can discover this when we learn how to manage our instinctive response to the challenges presented by home-working and the stress of rapid change and uncertainty due to Covid-19.

The need for improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and the ability to inspire a resilient mindset has never been greater. We were never designed to run in stress mode, and in a seemingly constant state of fight or flight. So, in those situations where we have little control over the sources of pressure, our only option is to influence the way in which we respond.

By recognising the connection between how we think, how we feel and how we act, we can hack into our ‘default mechanism’ and regulate our responses to the many changes and opportunities brought about by this evolving situation.

In this session, Jim will share practical techniques and exercises to deliver instant results and an optimal balance of health, success and wellbeing.


  • How to access your ‘lost’ natural resources and become even more resilient.
  • Learn daily disciplines to help raise energy and motivation when working from home.
  • How to trigger the state of mind where you both feel AND perform at your very best. FLOW!
  • How to adapt to pressure and stress rather than enduring it.
  • Gain an instant increase in confidence and mental focus.
  • Develop a series of ’resilience hacks’ to help ‘Reset’ in the Moment and ‘Recondition’ our mindset for long lasting impact

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This event is led by

Jim Steele

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