The science of decision making, Navigating tough choices and dangerous dilemmas and Decision coaching for leaders

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 24th February 2021 | Time icon 9:00am-10:30am

Rock, paper, scissors

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In this workshop, behavioural economist Tremaine du Preez, will draw upon several fields shaping decision science, and introduce you to some best practice in making sound decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

Today, making decisions without full information, under short time frames and high levels of stress is the norm rather than the exception. As a professional decision maker, success in both your personal and professional life depends on the quality of your thinking under these conditions.

Similarly, in a world where even small decisions can have enormous consequences, organisational success relies on the cumulative decisions of both leaders and staff. Given how high the stakes are, how much time do you spend specifically developing your thinking skills and those of your team?

Why attend?

These will be challenging, interesting and practical workshops in which members will be encouraged to think, question and participate throughout. Ultimately, to rethink their thinking

What will be covered?

  • Behavioural stumbling blocks that affect how you process information, formulate opinions and solve problems. You’ll learn how to identify and moderate these influences.
  • The role of unconscious processes such as stress and emotions. These have long been the missing piece in risk analysis, managerial decision making and control processes. Tremaine will explore the origins and impact of specific unconscious processes on risk tolerance and decision making.

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