The referrals revolution

location icon | location icon Tue. 31st October 2017 | Time icon 8:00am-4:30pm
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Don’t just be great at what you do, be great at selling it and get people talking about it too!

If you are a bit like most people, you will be excellent at what you do, but not always great or happy selling what you do and building the referrals that could follow. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for a few months or many years, for most of us, effectively marketing our services is just plain hard.

The Referral Revolution™ is a total business business methodology which addresses these issues and helps you to significantly increase your sales and referral rates through the virtuous circle of 3C’s:

Your Clients

Engage with and educate your clients to buy more from you more often, whilst regularly referring you the right kind of prospects using a mixture of amazing service, Super Soft Selling™ and a highly effective referrals process. Utilise the power of world-of-mouth and make you and your business totally referable.

Your Colleagues

Harness the secret sales force that already exists within your business, and capture the potential of cross-selling to your existing client base. Dramatically improve internal networking and cross departmental referral rates.

Your Community

Win more business more often by talking to the right people at the right time, in the right way..Build highly effective and trusting strategic relationships whilst expanding your network and spreading the right referable message.

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This event is led by

James Nathan

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