Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

location iconOnline | location icon Tue. 13th April 2021 | Time icon 9:00am-10:30am

MD2MD Best practice workshops are a chance for members to share, MD to MD their own thoughts, insights and perceptions on a specific theme with each other for the benefit of all.

Unlike speaker led workshops, there is no specialist to share their wisdom and unlike peer challenge boards it is not individual case studies we tackle.  Instead, at a best practice workshop members are encouraged to share and develop their view on a specific topic with each other through peer to peer discussion.

The workshop is primarily targeted at members providing business to business services.

Conversations will, on this occasion, be focused on them as suppliers.

However, all members are welcome, as clients of such businesses, to join the workshop and contribute their thoughts.

This meeting is expected to be of value to B2B sectors such as lawyers, accountants, insurance providers, wealth managers, surveyors, architects, web / product designers … and the myriad of consultancies, advisors and agencies of all sorts

Picture credits: “SE Dearborn MI MEMORIES OF THE PIONEER CLEANERS DAYS with two locations to serve you Monroe Street and Michigan Avenue MOTTO WAS THE HOUSE OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICE-“ by UpNorth Memories – Don Harrison is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What will be covered?

The aim of this workshop is for members to help each other to understand what it is that other members value about their type of service – and vice versa:

  • What is really important about the service we provide to you?
  • What do we need to do to satisfy you and indeed to wow you?
  • What would make our service to you really stand out excellent?

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This event is led by multiple speakers