Sales health check for business leaders

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 8th September 2021 | Time icon 9:00am-10:30am

As our members know, a healthy business relies on a healthy sales function, and a healthy sales function is rooted in a healthy sales ecosystem. The ecosystem is comprised of the people, process & systems responsible for revenue generation. When it’s not functioning well – translate: “We have a sales problem” – there’s a strong tendency to blame the salespeople and to question their competency and commitment. More often, it’s breakdowns in the sales ecosystem that are causing salespeople to struggle. Without the understanding of the ecosystem and what is required for it to function optimally, Managing Directors like yourself are often likely to attempt to fix the problem through micro-management, discipline and churning personnel. New team members get hired, but the results don’t change. The only way to a lasting solution is to analyse the ecosystem they work in.

When your ecosystem is functioning as it should, sales cycles will decrease, buyer communication will increase, your pipeline will grow consistently, and your average transaction value will increase. Your salespeople will be able to handle increasing complexity in your sales process, and they will put more discretionary effort into their work and the business.


  • The elements of a healthy sales ecosystem
  • The importance of leading and lagging indicators for revenue forecasting
  • How to quickly identify if you are on track to make your sales targets (before it’s too late)

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This event is led by

Shelley Walters

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