Profiling for prospecting – Understanding how to get inside a prospects mind and using it as a powerful tool

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 8th November 2023 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am

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We often navigate life on auto-pilot of our behaviours, we naturally migrate to people with similar styles to ourselves.

How helpful would it be to understand other peoples styles so you can flex and adapt your style, especially when you are prospecting. Whether it’s at a networking event or looking through LinkedIn, there are tell-tale signs all around us to give away someone else’s style.

At this level of business we know to flex and adapt when we meet people and it’s usually meeting people  half way, but when prospecting for new clients we want to stretch our flexibility to speak the other persons language, we want to flex and adapt to get inside their mind. Think about the last time you were the prospect, – what was it the sales person did or said to grab your attention? What was it the sales person did or said to turn you off? Understanding different styles and how to talk their language can be a powerful tool to have when prospecting.




Knowing your strongest personality style

How to read a style in a face to face situation

How to read a style online

How to adapt and speak the other persons language

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Vicky O'Farrell

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