Pricing, Strategy and Tactics

location iconLondon | location icon Wed. 4th December 2019 | Time icon 8:30am-4:30pm
location icon Speaker led workshop online

Private in-person meeting of MD2MD London group

With lots of humour and audience interaction, Cliff will gently tease you into improving your pricing tactics. With such indispensable lessons as ‘The Fine Art of Kite Flying’ and ‘Pick a Victim’, you will go away with a smile on your face and simple techniques you can use everyday.

What will be covered?

  • Why addressing price will make you more profit than pretty much anything else you could do
  • How behavioural psychology explains why most businesses habitually under-price
  • Some simple thinking tools to help members work out how much a customer is expecting to pay
  • What makes a product or service price sensitive‚Ķ or more importantly price insensitive
  • How changing they way you price rather than the price itself can win market share
  • A simple technique for value based pricing
  • The group will use the thinking models and understanding gained in the first half of the workshop to address real life pricing issues suggested by members

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This event is led by

Cliff Burgin

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