Power dynamics – Understanding power dynamic situations in your relationships at work and beyond.

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 4th October 2023 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am

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What will be covered?

Introduction & Purpose
Welcome and Introductions to the session, including purpose & content.

What are power dynamics?
Roger to provide an introduction and insight into the various models that underpin power dynamics. Such as the Awareness-Choice Experiment and Parent – Adult – Child Model.

Breakout Conversations
Breakout rooms with self reflection questions.

Exploring some of the conversations that participants had in the breakout rooms.


Exploration of Responses
Explore the tools and techniques to be able to alter the power dynamics in our relationships.
Understanding potential responses to power dynamic situations in your world as a leader.
Discussion on how to get more of what we want and less of what we don’t. By recognising what you are putting out vs what is being received.
Close Final reflections and close


  • To explore the unconscious Power Dynamics in all our relationships, at work and beyond.
  • To deepen understanding of how to get more of what you want, from yourself and others.
  • Learn how to recognise and act on unhelpful behavioural patterns, in your professional and personal lives


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This event is led by

Roger Taylor

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