Open minds, close deals

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 22nd September 2021 | Time icon 4:00pm-5:30pm

In this workshop, Sales Strategist and Emotional Intelligence Expert, Merit Kahn will share the three fundamentals of creating long lasting behaviour change designed to grow revenue, reduce unwanted turnover, develop leadership and create new possibilities for your business.

If you’re fed up of listening to everyone else make excuses and you’re ready to get back down to business, you’re in the right place.

In line with MD2MD’s purpose and values, this is a leadership conversation, not a monologue, about three specific principles that will drive sales and how your role as a leader sets the tone. No matter how good the products and services you offer may be, closed minds do not close deals and a close-minded prospect will not see the potential in your solution. The question is, how do you, as a leader, open the minds of your team members and prospective clients to create more possibilities and grow a business?

Have you already decided it can’t get any better?

Is your team fighting for limitations?

Or, are you open to what is possible?


  • Have a repeatable phrase that will open new possibilities in every situation
  • Identify the specific part of the three step framework to focus as a leader
  • Determine if the people on your team are open to executing on your vision
  • Know exactly what to do next to create an environment where prospects are open to your offers

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This event is led by

Merit Kahn

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