Metaverses, NFTs, and Crypto – Understanding the Digital Economy

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 1st February 2023 | Time icon 9:30am-11:00am
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This highly interactive session is designed to help participants get to grips with the growing Web 3.0 digital economy – encompassing metaverses, NFTs, and crypto. The workshop will help leaders address critical questions and develop an outline plan for exploring the potential benefits and risks for their organisation.


What do I need to know and why do I need to care about these developments – or are they a short term fad that I can ignore?

Interest is growing at a rapid pace in the growing Web 3.0 digital economy encompassing metaverses, NFTS, blockchain solutions, and crypto. Interest in metaverses as a business opportunity took off when Facebook announced that it was rebranding to Meta as a statement of its intent to make its metaverse the new internet and help it become the biggest company in the world.

Business leaders are keen to understand why over 25% of leading brands are already active in the space, how they are growing their customer base exponentially, and where they are generating revenues. With hundreds of millions already transacting in the digital economy, businesses of every size are starting to explore the opportunities and experiment with how they can use these developments to attract new eyeballs, enhance the customer experience, and grow revenues.

Why attend?


  • Have a solid grounding of the key componenets of the digital economy and how they are being used in business
  • Gain insights and answers to critical questions regarding the opportunities, benefits, and risks
  • Have an initial assessment of which aspects of the digital economy could have the greatest attraction for their business
  • Have the necessary understanding to put together an initial plan to evaluate the potential opportunities, value, and risks of embracing the digital economy for their own organisation.

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This event is led by

Rohit Talwar

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