Managing through recession

location iconOnline | location icon Tue. 31st January 2023 | Time icon 9:00am-10:30am
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Why the recession is an opportunity – as well as a challenge!

You’ve built a successful business. It was growing nicely. But now you face an economic crisis that’s not of your making. It’s depressing. It looks like you might need some cuts .. and some price rises. It looks like you ….and everyone else … are going to be earning less in real terms and yet working harder. You feel like giving up.

Don’t – You will look back and see the crisis as what made your company great. It’s what made Amazon, and Microsoft – and before you think modern software companies, Ford (remember the great recession) and many others! Including real down to earth businesses like MD2MD member Garden Games and many others.

There are simple easy strategies, and every business and business leader is different. But it is an opportunity. There are some patterns and some thoughts, tips and tools that can help. Join John Cardy who successfully ran his family business Garden Games through at least three recessions and Bob Bradley who was alongside John (and many others) on the journey as they lead this provocative workshop and explain why their view is that a recession can be a great opportunity. As Bob Bradley says, on the basis of his quarter century as a business leader “Having had an inside track into the thinking of John and literally hundreds of other operational business leaders I think I’ve spotted a few patterns in those that succeeded and so I am sure there are a few pointers that John and I can usefully share.”

Meeting led by: Bob Bradley & John Cardy


Why attend?

Join this workshop to hear those provocative thoughts and then to join a discussion with your fellow leaders. An opportunity to develop your own approach for your own strategy through debate and discussion with others willing to share their thoughts and challenge yours in return for you doing the same for them.

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This event is led by multiple speakers

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