Keka’s black t-shirt experiment: What branding can teach us about supporting your employees’ mental wellbeing

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 8th February 2023 | Time icon 3.30pm - 5.00pm
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Three plain black cotton t-shirts. Three polarized prices. How can these t-shirts help your employees become more confident in themselves at work? Join Keka’s session to find out!

Consider for a moment – what if your employees believed in themselves unconditionally when they were:

  • Pitching for key accounts/new business
  • Assessing business risks
  • Driving innovation
  • Leading their teams
  • Caring for customers
  • Selling your products and services

How different would your business look, compared to what it is today?

The reality is people are experiencing unprecedented levels of emotional fatigue globally. Research shows 85% of the world’s population suffers from low self- esteem. Can you imagine how that detrimentally impacts their work? Their decisions?

The best leaders are the ones who see potential in people when they don’t even see it for themselves. And these leaders help their employees rise to the occasion, right? As the saying goes: “All it takes is for one person to believe that you have what it takes.”

Now, what if that ONE person was YOU – believing in yourself?

Through this session, Keka, a 50-time award-winning marketing veteran, will help you give this transformational gift of confidence and purpose to your employees.

Advertising is designed to move people. Use these principles to move your employees too.

Why attend?

Keka’s Black T-shirt Experiment has been taking the business world by storm. She recently presented this content at the Global Speakers Summit, in Dublin Ireland (the preeminent event for top professional speakers from around the world) and she received rave reviews.

Keka’s content in this session will not only inspire you in the moment, but it will also give you smart, strategic intel that you can use to support your employees both now, and in perpetuity in the future.


Attendees from this session will learn how to:

  • Help their employees identify their self-limiting beliefs using undeniable science (that advertising uses every day).
  • Help their employees re-charge their inner drive and motivation, using strategies that the world’s top-performing brands use.
  • Articulate their own personal “brand” and purpose to connect to their employees more effectively and lead by example (using social-emotional learning strategies that brand marketers use too).

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Keka DasGupta

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