Increase your Virtual Impact and Influence – with the science of communication

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 21st April 2021 | Time icon 4:00pm-5:30pm

This is a lively and interactive session. Have your camera on and notepad ready!

Walking The Talk – How to increase your impact and influence:

Do you want to have more presence, authority and influence to persuade  people with your ideas?

Discover how you can apply the science of communication to your online  meetings and have greater connection, influence and impact on the people  around you, so that you can get the results and respect you deserve.


  • Essential elements of personal presence that will give you extra  authority and influence in business, proven by science

  • Increase your natural persuasiveness and effectiveness, with a more  compelling communication style

  • Learn to make anything you say more desirable and memorable 

  • Adapt your style to the needs of your audience allowing you to  connect with and persuade more people with your ideas

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This event is led by

Richard Newman

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