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Imposter Syndrome: it’s where you doubt your ability, you feel like a fraud about to be exposed and you believe your accomplishments are not worthy of attention or respect. According to research, 70% of us have experienced it and it appears to be getting worse in the 21st century, holding people back from achieving their potential and leading to long term anxiety, self-loathing and depression.


In this keynote talk, you will explore:

  • The two types of Imposter Syndrome which no one is talking about: a) why they matter, b) what causes them, c) how to beat them.
  • 3 critical assumptions to adopt as your mantras if you want to send Imposter Syndrome packing.
  • 3 powerful self-management techniques to draw on when you’re feeling inadequate and your confidence is shot to pieces.
  • 3 everyday habits which most people are unaware they do, but which undermine our self-worth.
  • The 7 common thinking errors which skew our judgement of ourselves and others.
  • How to process negative feedback, so you’re not consumed by it and can separate the helpful from the unhelpful.
  • How to deal effectively with set-backs, when your actions were partially to blame.

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This event is led by

Andrew Pain

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