How to lead: through and way beyond the pandemic

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 16th February 2022 | Time icon 09:30am-11:00am

The more things change, the more leadership stays the same.

You well know that the quest is for you – and your fellow leaders – to make yours a place where your people can turn up as the best version of themselves. And, once they’re ‘there’ – be it in-office or virtually – to enable them to deliver on your strategic objectives.

The starting point? Behave in a manner that makes it obvious to them that their contribution counts for something. That their opinion matters. And that, by your side, they can build something bigger than themselves.

Do just this, and nothing else (well, that’s a bit simplistic, but you get the drift, right?) and you’ll see the dial move in the right direction across all of your performance metrics.

Nothing new here, so far. Basic, Leadership 101 stuff. In fact, as a member of MD2MD, you are no doubt well down the path of developing and honing these skill-sets already. So you’re not coming to a session like this, hoping to find the silver bullet. You’re coming here to test some of your own thinking around leadership. Perhaps hoping to unearth a few small pearls of wisdom. Maybe just looking for an opportunity to reflect. On the perfect day, you might even want someone to help you look through a new lens.

And that’s what you’ll get from this session, where Stef will share insights and strategies learnt from a lifetime at the leadership coalface. First, as the decorated commander of an elite combat unit. Then, as a fast-to-the-top corporate leader. Bolstered by the solid underscore of a Master’s degree, cum laude, in Leadership. Framed by his unique take on employee engagement and authentic leadership. Culminating in him co-creating the one-of-a-kind UGRs concept (together with his business partner, Steve Simpson) – used by organisations, ranging from owner-led companies to global empires, in 50+ countries.

You’ll get tips and tools that will help you to make yours the best place to be – for everyone who works there (including yourself), and for anyone who does business with you, expecting something done in just the right way.

Why attend?

Ask anyone who has attended any of Stef’s 3,500+ live presentations, worldwide, over the past 30 years, or one of his many online sessions since the world went online, and you’re sure to hear the same thing: he is authentic. Authoritative. Believable. And, regardless of whether or not they agreed with his thesis on personal excellence, leadership, or workplace culture, they will tell you that they left the session with a lot to think about.

What will be covered?

In this presentation, Stef will:

  • Explore what truly motivates us – now, perhaps more so than ever before
  • Help you to gain clarity on what matters most to people in the workplace
  • Show how we can demonstrate higher levels of excellence in our everyday living
  • Share insights that will enable better work-life integration


  • Learn how to better harness the latent potential of your most valuable asset: your people
  • Learn how to foster a greater sense of ownership and personal accountability amongst your people
  • Be better equipped to influence others towards overall improvement of results
  • Explore the key ingredients to making positive ‘change’ more permanent


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Stef du Plessis

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