How the Economy really works and the key indicators of its performance which will allow us to forecast the next two years and beyond

location iconBurton Upon Trent | location icon Tue. 27th September 2022 | Time icon 9:30am-12:30pm

This is a private meeting of the MD2MD group MLL.

  • What is the economy? Mechanical vs Behavioural view
  • Definition of GDP and its calculation
  • How banks create money and why it drives GDP
  • Systemic feedback: causes of boom and bust
  • Monetary disequilibrium
  • Why Government cannot control the economy (except in China)
  • The demographic time bomb
  • Key indicators: retail sales, PMIs, M4 money, the long run rate of interest
  • Where are we now and the next three years forecast


  • Understand the quality press economics pages
  • Significant increase in understanding business risk
  • Much reduced flying blind

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