How music can help us to better understand mindfulness, control our mental health and care for our wellbeing.

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 21st February 2024 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am
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As we find ourselves in turbulent times across the world, finding ways to support our wellbeing and mental health is extremely important. This unique and innovative workshop is here to help you gain a better understanding of the practices of mindfulness through the power of music.


This hands-on session will see participants working with traditional mindfulness practices, guided musical meditations, and open conversation about how mindfulness through music can improve your personal situation.

We shall explore how these practices can help us relax, manage stress and anxiety, and calm our busy minds. This practice is all centred around helping you gain more control over your personal wellbeing, mental health, and happiness.

Why attend?

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What will be covered?

  1. Introduction
  2. What is mindfulness and how does it relate to music?
  3. Meditation 1
  4. Meditation 2
  5. Small discussion of how to fit mindfulness into your busy lifestyle.


Join our upcoming workshop to gain valuable insights and tools that will transform the way you approach your life.

Enhance your ability to balance the demands of work and personal life, regain control over stress and anxiety, develop proven techniques for increasing happiness and fostering a more positive perspective, and harness strategies to boost your energy levels.

Elevate your personal and professional well-being with us.

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This event is led by

Will Crawford

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