Holding the Zoom room – how to make your virtual meetings as professional and effective as a BBC TV news bulletin

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 16th March 2022 | Time icon 9:30am-11:00am

In this 55 minute virtual workshop, John Young, a former BBC TV presenter and reporter, will reveal how TV news journalists grab the attention down a lens — how they hold that attention — and how their broadcasts always end  bang on time.  

What will be covered?

This is no theory-based chat about concepts. There are no boring slides or flow charts. Instead: 

  • You’ll watch and discuss TV clips
  • You’ll hear and discover what’s going on behind the scenes when news bulletins are live on air, with insights you can use yourself later that day
  • You’ll have time to reflect on how you appear in a virtual meeting, how you structure your virtual meetings so  everyone has their say, and how you keep on top of the timings in your virtual meetings


John will leave you with his Takeaway Toolkit… so that your next online meeting or sales event will have an immediate impact, hold your team’s attention, and end on time too.  

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John Young

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