Heavy Weight Conversations

location iconOnline | location icon Thu. 19th September 2024 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am
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This call coaching workshop and check-in call is about making those important phone calls that only the Manager can really make. The workshops are about actually making these calls… and getting them to work for you. So, this is not for you unless you are really prepared to take action – and we know many of our members and their teams are certainly ready – hence why they joined MD2MD!

Maybe you are looking to be proactive by deepening your relationships with your BIGGEST, BEST or HIGHEST POTENTIAL client or supplier. Perhaps you’re looking to sell your business and wanting to approach some potential buyers without looking desperate.  Or maybe in reverse, you want to acquire a business without appearing too keen.Or even it is simply that you are looking to create new strategic partnerships to scale for growth.

Whatever conversations YOU need to have, we’ll make sure you know exactly what to say to get the outcome you want.


What will be covered?

We know how busy our members are, and everyone will have at least 1-2 important calls they been meaning to do but have been putting off for some reason or another. This session is about how to make those calls, making them and sharing learning from the experience.

Call Coaching Workshop – 9:30am-11:00am
Designed to find out why we put off making important calls that we know could lead to great things for our business. Whether you’re worried about how to break the ice, saying the wrong thing, or coming across stupid or desperate… we all have our reasons.

Everyone will get chance to share their opportunity and develop a personalised call plan of how to stay in control of that conversation. Then, when everyone has their strategy mapped out, it’s off to MAKE THOSE CALLS before returning in the afternoon to review, troubleshoot and… Congratulate!

Check-in Call – 5:00pm-5:30/45pm
This is a simple “check-in call” to give everyone the chance to quickly share their experience when putting their call plan into action… looking at some of the highlights and giving us an opportunity to troubleshoot any new challenges that may have come up.

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This event is led by

Anthony Stears

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