From boardroom to break room: uncovering clues of workplace culture

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 27th April 2022 | Time icon 4:00pm-5:30pm

You’ve heard it dozens of times in the past several months, employers across the globe are feeling the pains of the  “Great Resignation”.

Why are they leaving & how do we ensure our top talent stays in place? The tide has turned (again) and at present the negotiation power is in the hands of employees. How do we navigate these changing waters, developing a “sticky” culture, and draw top talent when competition is fierce?

Why attend?

Nora is not your average leadership and workplace culture consultant. She has completed extensive research in the area of workplace culture including two rigorous projects as The Undercover Candidate, and The Undercover Employee. Her perspectives on workplace culture, turnover and the “Great Resignation” include perspectives of an HR Executive as well as a front line employee.  She will challenge your thinking, push you to action and likely make you laugh along the way.


  • Understand the complexity of frontline & mid-level work
  • Explore the top five reasons employees are leaving in 2022
  • Identify key gaps in human connections within your employment systems

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Nora Burns

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