Creative solutions to the recruitment challenge

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 29th September 2021 | Time icon 09:30am-11:00am

This workshop will build upon the Introductory session held in August. It will provide hands-on experience with using different creative idea generation techniques to help you explore how creativity and innovation techniques can be effective in solving real business challenges.

To add context to the workshop, Dave Hall will use superheroes in this workshop and the techniques discussed will help you to tackle a very real and relevant challenge faced by many of our members today, recruiting new staff when there is a shortage, at every level it seems, and by doing so will illustrate how innovation approaches can be really practical and useful in solving seemingly ordinary challenges.

Follow on workshop:

  • Wed 24th November 9:30am-11:00am – An in depth exercise using visual synectics- Online via Zoom (invitation only)


The world is changing at an ever increasing pace, but the decisions we make and the behaviours that we display are based on models of “reality” which are based on our understanding of the out-dated patterns from the past. We MUST find ways of challenging these patterns, to free up our thinking, to generate fresh and novel (i.e. creative) ideas that then feed innovation.

A culture of creativity can substantially differentiate a business, attracting and retaining the best staff whilst enhancing performance and added value.  This series of workshops will demonstrate how creativity can remove the blockages that operate within everyone’s minds to unleash the power of Breakthrough Thinking and generate ideas that are both novel and useful.


By identifying the key blocks to creativity, it is possible to develop strategies to overcome them, and then to release the creative potential of absolutely anyone.


  • an understanding of the strategic benefit of adopting creative thinking within the culture of their business
  • an understanding of the blockages that operate within the mind of all individuals that effectively stifle creativity
  • practical experience of specific techniques to overcome those blockages
  • (and hopefully) some ideas as to how to address the current recruitment challenges 

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David Hall

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