Communicating with greater impact – FULL

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 9th February 2022 | Time icon 4:00pm-5:30pm

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Ask someone why they clean their teeth, and they will probably mutter something about ‘dental hygiene’. Yet, if this is true, why is someone more likely to clean their teeth when going on a date than when they’ve just eaten a bar of chocolate? And why is most toothpaste mint flavoured?

Having the insight as to what really drives buyer behaviour will allow you to have greater impact, create better results and achieve more success.

Why attend?

This workshop will provide attendees with:

  • A key influencer on buyer behaviour that is often missed
  • A framework for understanding the major areas of social experience that drive feelings 
  • A mechanism for being able to have a real impact on prospects and customers

What will be covered?

  • Human beings deal in relatives not absolutes
  1. The most important determinant of how people think, behave and act
  2. How this revelation effects messaging, positioning and promotional activity
  3. The impact on targeting and content
  • Five domains of human social experience
  1. How this understanding changes the way you think about your offering
  2. Keys to innovation and being more attractive to prospects and customers
  3. Creating greater impact, engagement, and satisfaction

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This event is led by

Grant Leboff

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