Burnout and Beyond: How to recognise the signs and symptoms of burnout and to learn how to take-back control

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 12th May 2021 | Time icon 9:00am-10:30am

This series of three themed workshops will be spread over three months from March to June and will take place at 8:30am-10am or 9AM-10:30AM. They are valid standalone but there is extra benefit from attending all three workshops.

As Celynn states herself, a series of three workshops “fits with my current approach for sustaining motivation and providing accountability for behaviour change.”


  • Own the title of CEO (Chief Energy Officer.)
  • Mobilise energy on demand.
  • Discover how to create extraordinary, high-performing workplaces with healthy and happy teams.
  • Engage your teams so that they are not only producing outstanding work, but are also improving their mental health despite the challenges of remote working and current economic conditions.
  • Attract and retain great talent through cultivating a sense of work like balance and feeling cared for.

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This event is led by

Celynn Morin

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