Building relationship & connection with remote employees (Workshop)

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 12th October 2022 | Time icon 9:30am-11:00am
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The core to retention and loyalty is connection and relationship. This has historically been a challenge for many managers and leaders under “traditional” circumstances when employees are simply down the hall and it is easy to stop by for a quick visit.  With team members across town, across the continent, and across oceans, the days of “management by walking around” are gone for many of us.

In this session we will discuss no less than seven ways to build relationship with remote employees to build a workplace culture of connection. We so often remember the employment side – there are tax forms, pay cycles, benefits, etc. It is easy for many to forget the relationship side of the employment relationship. It’s the relationship portion that builds long-lasting connection and helps to navigate around “quiet quitting”.

Why attend?

Nora has led teams from two to two thousand. Some across the hall – many across the country and across international boundaries. Her perspectives on workplace culture, turnover, and the “quiet quitting” include perspectives of an HR Executive as well as The Undercover Employee™.  She will challenge your thinking – push you to action – and likely make you laugh along the way.

What will be covered?



  • Explore “Quiet Quitting” and why it has increased with remote work
  •  Identify no less than seven ways to build relationships with remote employees
  • Consider the future of remote work and the long-term impacts of policies that came into existence during the height of COVID19

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Nora Burns

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