Better humaning, better world: Creating awesome human moments in the new world of work.

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 7th June 2023 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am
location icon Speaker led workshop online

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With the world having gone digital crazy, it’s become critical that we, as human beings, learn how to ‘human’ better.

The workplace is where we spend the bulk of our waking day and, even though technology enables much of what we do, work remains nevertheless for humans, by humans and with humans.


Key take-aways :

Understanding how to ‘switch people on’ vs ‘switch them off’, and why this matters.

A method for creating awesome Employee Experience that enhances innovation, business agility, profitability, and relevance.

A heightened awareness of how we get in the way of learning and progress, and how to not do this.

An amplified lens re how to lead for sustained high performance, irrespective of location and how to create the conditions for success.

How to create psychologically safe organizational cultures, and why this is critical.

A method for enhancing certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.

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This event is led by

Brad Shorkend

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