Best Practise Recruitment – and if you get it right, let’s look at retention (MLL members only)

location iconBurton on Trent | location icon Tue. 20th June 2023 | Time icon 09.30am - 12.30am
location icon Private Speaker and Peer Challenge Board Meeting

This is a private in person meeting for Midlands Leadership members only.

We all know that recruiting the right people is both expensive and delicate.  Each mistaken hire costs far more than we bargain for in terms of financial costs and disruption with the current workforce and business growth.

If you have made a ‘bad hire’ then you will know what it feels like.

Today we are going to go over the 6-step process that is well thought out, easy to follow and works, so that you are far less likely to make a ‘bad hire’ again.


What will be covered?

The structural outline will look like this:

  • Start with Using Emotional Labour – the most underestimated consideration there is when hiring.
  • Honest job spec – bias or not?
  • Making job specs inviting – where is the desire to work for you?
  • Sift for Skills – before they come for interview make sure they have the skill set.
  • Interviewing – the Jiminy Cricket Principle with delving questions to uncover their psychological fit.
  • The Big Welcome – welcome day, welcome week, welcome month = retention and integration.

This is a workshop that WILL make a difference.  And it will be fun too.

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This event is led by

Lynda Shaw

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