Being a better leader through all this change (MLL blended group membership only)

location iconBurton on Trent | location icon Tue. 28th March 2023 | Time icon 9.30am to 12.30am

This is a private in person meeting for Midlands Leadership members only.

The last three years have been very difficult for many people but have seen lots of opportunities also. The pace of change is increasing and we seem to have more major events that are influencing how we do business and live our lives.

For example – and these are just some of them ;-

  • The pandemic and the associated problems of learning how to make the best of working from home and hybrid working
  • The war in Ukraine, bringing with it shortages and inflation and disrupted markets and supply chains
  • The changes in our view of China as a partner, prompting many to review their sourcing decisions
  • Brexit and the difficulties now associated with exporting and importing to and from the EU
  • Climate Change and our increasing awareness of the need to alter our energy and material consumption habits
  • The shortage of people to fill the jobs we have and the difficulty in recruiting and retaining good people
  • The recent major variations in government policy which have caused many to feel uncertain and to be wary of investing


Marcus will help you to find the best way to lead your people through these times, using stories and personal examples that he has experienced.

If previous workshops with Marcus are anything to go by – and Jay is sure they are – then you will come out feeling more positive, more empowered and with more clarity about what you want to achieve in the coming months and years.

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Marcus Child

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