B2B Marketing Group Disussion

location iconOnline | location icon Tue. 25th July 2023 | Time icon 9:00am-10:30am
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This is a confidential peer board dedicated to challenges leaders face when making decisions relevant to B2B marketing practices and strategy. The objective for the meetings is to focus on the specific area of B2B marketing and to exchange ideas and best practice relevant to achieving the greatest return on marketing investment.

The B2B buying process is more complex than its B2C counterpart and characterised by a multi-step buying process, longer sales cycle, and often more than one decision maker.

Best practices in B2B marketing are driven primarily by building relationships and trust between buyers and organisations. The number of communication channels have increased with the arrival of digital media, including social networks, blogs, video, email, and websites, to name but a few.

This group meets on a quarterly basis and is hosted and facilitated by Glyn Lloyd and Emma Phipps.

Suggested challenges could be:

  • Is print and print media still relevant?
  • Is the era of events and event marketing now dead?
  • Using B2B digital platforms, such as LinkedIn, to establish networks and sales outcomes.
  • Building brand trust.
  • Setting marketing budget.
  • The role of digital marketing and content.
  • Measuring effectiveness and ROI.
  • Working with a marketing agency.



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