Achieving big, bold goals: how to thrive in the new world

location iconCarterton | location icon Tue. 24th May 2022 | Time icon 9:00am-1:00pm

This is a private meeting of the MD2MD group LNP.

The past few years have seen unprecedented change on so many levels. We have experienced the Great Resignation; we are adjusting to hybrid working and have employees who are more concerned with purpose and social responsibility than they have even been in the past. What recent research has shown is that what we, as leaders, think employees want, is not what they really want.

So how do we adjust? How do we attract top talent while retaining the talent we have? How do we ensure we are creating a culture that meets employee needs and in doing so, create high performing, self-directing teams that achieve our big, bold goals? We create an engaging an motivating employee experience.

This highly interactive workshop focuses on three main pillars for success in this new world – Motivation, Culture, and Development.

Participants will learn the latest from research and neuroscience and have an opportunity to apply best practices to their own teams.

What will be covered?

During this workshop participants will:

  • Experience the latest research on what employees really want in this new world
  • Explore strategies for improving motivation and engagement
  • Assess the cost of low engagement in your organization
  • Identify high to build a high-trust culture and create your vision for the future
  • Discover the one simple thing that creates a motivated and engaged employee
  • Discuss the need for a learning culture
  • Explore diverse ways to provide development opportunities
  • Create your 30-, 60- and 90-day plans to achieve your big bold goals through your engaged and motivated workforce.

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This event is led by

Susan Armstrong

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