A world class FIRST and LAST impression

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 14th October 2020 | Time icon 8:30am-10:00am
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It’s very well-known that if a customer has a good service they tell 3 people and if they have a bad service they tell 10. Now by the click of a button, if they have a bad service they tell 10,000 people; social media has made this happen. Although social media can be an advantageous medium for many businesses, it can be disastrous for many too.

This is where the first and last impression becomes crucial. Buyers have less patience, less time and less tolerance than ever before. If the first impression they receive is a bad one, that will be the last time they visit your website or call your business.

The majority of CEO’s will never be the person the buyer interacts with on their first experience, they are completely detached from this part of the buyer’s journey. So the question is, are the CEO’s aware of what experience the buyer is receiving from their first interaction with their organisation?

Having helped over 30,000 sales professionals across 350 companies in 60 industries I have seen a huge variety of first impressions. I can count on 2 fingers how many ‘wow experiences’ I’ve received and I can recount over 300 awful first impressions.

This workshop will help CEO’s understand what their direct competitors first impression is like and how their organisation compares. Buyers expectations are higher than ever before and therefore they have made it more challenging to give that ‘wow experience’ on the first impression. I will highlight what a world class first and last impression looks like and most importantly, how to ensure all your staff consistently deliver it to their prospective customers.


  • What a World Class first and last impression should look like.
  • How to gain consistency throughout your organisation that everyone delivers a world class first and last impression.
  • Using the call point system to monitor and review the first impression.
  • How to incorporate a third-party proof.
  • How to implement the right corporate standards within your organisation.
  • Have your own call point system that your management team can use when coaching and developing the front-line staff.
  • Have a thorough understanding of how the little things makes the biggest differences.
  • Gain a real insight into what first and last impression other companies are delivering and ideas to exceed them.
  • Know exactly what is required to delivering a world class first and last impression EVERYTIME.

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This event is led by

Tony Morris

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