The biggest advantage SME businesses have against Big Multinational Enterprises is agility. The bureaucracy necessary to manage and control a large global organisation makes them by definition non-agile. This creates an opportunity to compete in the market place against companies bigger and richer than you and win.

Whether competing for business or competing for talent never has there been a better time to be in a small dynamic business but you need the right mind set to capitalise on it.

Hot off a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August this year, Nicci Take is the CEO of 2 such SMEs both winning in their market places by being diverse, different and dynamic. Nicci’s session will be as informative as it is entertaining, one of her businesses is a world leader in sales messaging and the other in the business of stand up comedy. It’s a winning combination.

You will need to bring nothing except an open mind.

When and Where?

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It was an excellent session – developed really well. Nicci gave useful presentation notes.

Nicci gave a reminder of how important encouragement – praise in the moment is vital to get the best out of your team / individuals. She showed how to handle dealing with need to change behaviour.

Presenting as Nicci helped get the messages about diversity and coaching across.

The part of the session on how to motivate the quiet person made an impact.

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