What do Leaders really Do?

Eschewing management models and leadership theory Jeff Grout will focus upon the practical realities of leadership. How do leaders really spend their time? Are they preoccupied with strategy? Are they focussed on the present or the future? How do they motivate their people and get ‘buy in’?

Jeff will discuss both his own leadership experiences and those of well-known and respected leaders in a variety of fields – business, sport and the military – in order to identify the elements that encourage people to follow where they lead.

Jeff will identify the core skills and behaviour displayed by those leaders. He will examine how they deal with people – the steps they take to establish trust and understanding, the importance of communication and the approaches used to inspire top performance. Jeff will also discuss how leaders create and articulate a clear vision for their organisation and how they effectively lead change. Jeff’s presentation style is straight-forward, accessible and rich with vivid anecdotes. The session is relevant to anyone who finds themselves thrown into a leadership role. It will also appeal to those who are allergic to management theory or frustrated by its apparent dissociation from real life.

When and Where?

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He acquired good participation from the audience, used simple but compelling models.

It was very practical, useful thought provoking. I liked the competence and commitment matrix.

Jeff was an excellent speaker (the best I have ever been to) lots of tips that would be easy to implement.

He provided life examples from other leaders. He even showcased tools to develop leadership and clarity of purpose.

He kept things simple, relevant and interesting. I loved the Clive and Greg examples.

I was endorsed to do the things I’m good at and forget those I’m not. I was able to take lots of bits known previously and brought them together.

He focused me on a very small number of actions.

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